Finding a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents show you properties to consider, answer questions that arise in your home search, negotiate pricing and other aspects of your sales contract, and coordinate with other real estate professionals (such as lenders, inspectors, and title companies) throughout the homebuying process.

When shopping for a home in the City, choose a real estate agent who knows the particulars of homebuying incentives programs, property taxes, tax credits, ground rent, and other unique aspects of homebuying in Baltimore.

The agents listed below have each completed an accredited course on Baltimore City’s housing market through the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors. Some specialize in particular neighborhoods or regions of the City while others focus on particular buyer groups, such as empty-nesters or veterans. Use filters to see these designations and narrow your agent search.

Types of Real Estate Agents:

A Seller’s Agent or Listing Agent represents the interests of the home seller with the goal of selling the house at the best price.

A Buyer’s Agent finds homes that meet the requirements of the buyer they represent with the goal of buying the house at the best price.

A dual agent represents both buyer and seller. Dual agents are not allowed in Maryland unless the agent obtains informed consent, in writing, from both the buyer and seller, and assigns an intra-company agent on behalf of the buyer or seller.