Photo by Phylicia Ghee for Live Baltimore

Meet Your Neighbors

What types of neighbors will you meet in Baltimore City? Browse these residents’ stories to discover who’s living nearby.

The Wolf Family

Meet Caleb, Erica, and their two children. These former Hyattsville residents love their community and all the amenities that come with it.

We knew it was time for a change—time for a move. As we started having conversations, talked with friends who lived in the city, started visiting—it really started opening our eyes to the cool spots in the neighborhood.

Janine McCormick

This mom of two can’t believe she can afford her lifestyle within the DMV. As a teleworker, Janine selected her neighborhood of Brewers Hill because of its diversity and proximity to everything she could ever need.

To find a place in this area—in the DMV—that you can still afford. It’s like living in a city but feeling like you live in a small town. I have everything right here. I don’t even own a car.

Kory Bailey

As the chief ecosystem and relationship officer for UpSurge Baltimore, this influential Baltimorean is creating an “equitech” ecosystem while raising three boys in the City.

My dad asked me, “What’s Baltimore like?” It’s a community that everyone belongs to no matter what neighborhood, zip code, or background you’re from.

Chelsea Milko

This former DC resident found love of her community while finding the love of her life in Baltimore City.

I came to Baltimore looking for a slice of culture that was very conveniently located to D.C. where I still had a foothold, careerwise. Moving here brought me community and the love of my life.

Sabrina Dépestre

As a former Baltimore County resident, Sabrina heads marketing at MICA and helped found Baltimore Young Professionals (BYP).

There is an organization that I’m a part of called Baltimore Young Professionals that helps people who are new to the city by giving them an idea and insight into what is happening in the city. Baltimore—you’ll find your people here.

Mayor Brandon Scott

As a longtime Baltimorean, Mayor Scott achieved a dream of becoming a first-time homeowner in the city that he loves.

I’ve wanted to own a home since I was a little kid and I always wanted to own that home in Baltimore. Owning a home means something that will be part of a legacy and something that helps you accumulate wealth—something that I can own for myself and my family will have.

Amy Sherald

Before she was Michelle Obama’s National Portrait Gallery artist, she was just our neighbor Amy. Meet Amy Sherald, formerly a resident artist at Charles North‘s Motor House.

I think one key insight I want people to leave with after they look at my work—just to be able to imagine. Just a little bit of imagination will affect somebody who’s looking at a painting and make them see themselves differently.

Landis McCord

Your neighbor just might be an All Mighty Senator. Meet Landis McCord, boom box enthusiast and legend of Baltimore funk.

I think a lot of people come from out of town just to be inspired. Everyone here has something going on….I know that if you live in Baltimore and you like to do stuff, you will not be bored.

Philippa Berrington Blew

Having lived all over the world, Phillippa was seduced by Baltimore. Meet Philippa Berrington Blew, a collector (but very specifically not a hoarder).

Baltimore is truly one of those cities that you have to live in to discover all its secrets and its charm, because they’re not obvious.

Erin Fitzpatrick

Painting portraits keeps Erin’s life in Baltimore interesting. Meet Erin Fitzpatrick, an artist working globally from her home near Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Being in Baltimore has helped me because it’s really affordable to live here. I have a big beautiful apartment with studio space and I live right by the train station. I can get to New York in a second. These days the world is so global with social media that I can live in a smaller, more intimate city and still be competitive with other artists in bigger cities.