Safety is personal.

As in all large cities, crime can happen in Baltimore. One of the best ways to find out what really happens in a neighborhood is to ask the people who currently live there. Reach out to one of our Neighborhood Ambassadors to hear about their experiences with city living.

You can also explore statistics from the Baltimore Police Department and look at an interactive map of crime reports for added peace of mind.

Always remember, feelings of safety are very personal. What is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to someone else (and vice versa). Researching neighborhoods on this website is a great place to start when choosing a home in Baltimore, but visiting in person is always best. Get out of your car and take a walk. Stop by at various times of day and night. Explore both main streets and alleyways. Talk to neighbors on their porches and stoops. Building confidence in your neighborhood choice, before you move, will lead to many happy years in Baltimore!

Crime reduction is a top priority in Baltimore City.

Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison released Baltimore City’s official Crime Reduction Plan in June of 2019.

Baltimore City’s Crime Reduction Plan
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