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Renter’s Insurance

Only you can insure your personal belongings!

Homeowners aren’t the only ones with belongings and financial interests to protect. Why should they be the only ones with insurance?

Renters insurance covers the loss of personal items, due to fire or other unfortunate accidents, and it’s very affordable.

If your property is damaged while renting, it will not be covered under the policy of the building owner.

Less well known than homeowners insurance, renters insurance offers many of the same benefits.

Policies typically include three areas of coverage: personal property, liability and living expenses. Personal property coverage insures your belongings if they are damaged or stolen. Liability coverage protects you against injuries others might incur while visiting your home. Living expenses coverage reimburses the costs of temporary relocation from your rental (due to a flood, fire, or other issue).

Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance policies have deductibles and coverage limits that vary.

Many insurance companies offer renters insurance in Baltimore City. Be sure to shop around to find the right policy for you!

HINT: Your real estate agent may be able to provide referrals to Renters Insurance providers. Having a reliable source for referrals is one just more reason to work with a real estate professional when renting.

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