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Live Baltimore fights the persistent and devastating population loss that began in Baltimore City in the 1950s and which has destabilized neighborhoods and limited families’ opportunities to flourish in their communities. Live Baltimore believes residents are our City’s greatest assets. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we work citywide to grow Baltimore’s economy by attracting residents, retaining residents, and supporting healthy housing markets. Each year, Live Baltimore provides thousands of individuals with information on the city’s 250+ neighborhoods, rental living options, homebuying incentive programs, historic tax credits, and more.

In FY23, Live Baltimore:

  • reached over 268,000 individuals through,
  • directly assisted 1 in 6 Baltimore City homebuyers, including 1,628 households,
  • facilitated homeownership in 238 distinct neighborhoods, and
  • helped generate $395.1 million in home sales and $17.7 million in city tax revenue.
Get to Know Live Baltimore

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

These wise words, from anthropologist Margaret Mead, exemplify Live Baltimore’s humble beginnings. After five decades of devastating population loss in Baltimore, a small, but resilient band of residents and business leaders knew that something must be done to change the trajectory of their beloved city. In 1997, a grassroots group known as encore baltiMORE! partnered with Citizens Planning & Housing Association to found the “Live Baltimore Marketing Center”—a program designed to counter negative perceptions of city living and to show off city neighborhoods as great places to live.

Baltimore City’s average home price was $59,456 in 1997. Our first Trolley Tour event took place in 1998. Our “I ♥ city life.” campaign launched in 1999. “Live Baltimore Marketing Center” gained its independence as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2001. Our name was changed to “Live Baltimore Home Center” in 2005. After two decades of operation, Live Baltimore remains a resident-driven and resident-focused organization. Our efforts to promote the City have evolved over time, while our love for Baltimore has remained steadfast.

Live Baltimore’s mission is to recruit and retain Baltimore City residents.

• by attracting people to Baltimore’s thriving neighborhoods
• by helping residents find a way to stay in the City

We envision Baltimore as a growing and vibrant city that attracts and retains a diverse population.

Live Baltimore employs nine full-time staff and is governed by an independent, 30-member Board of Directors. All Live Baltimore staff members are residents of Baltimore City.

Annie Milli, Executive Director
Julie French, Director of Operations
Neekta Khorsand, Director of Programs
Suzi Senna, Director of Marketing & Communications
Jasmine France, Communications Manager
Auni Gelles, Program Manager
Misty Keens, Program & Events Manager
Jordan Klumpp, Business Relationship Manager
Deandra Lasan, Program Manager
Amy Soukup, Community Data Analyst

Many supporters make Live Baltimore’s work possible. Information about our funding sources and donors is publicly available in our most recent annual reports.

Live Baltimore is pleased to serve as a resource for members of the media. Please contact us at 410-637-3750 x117 to schedule your next interview.

Live Baltimore is located in beautiful Downtown Baltimore on historic Charles Street. Stop by between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, to learn more about our organization and Baltimore’s 279 neighborhoods.