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Whether you’re looking for something to do or seeking information on schools, city services, or financial incentives, you’ve come to the right place. Live Baltimore can connect you with the resources residents need.

Things to Do

Residents of Baltimore City certainly won’t be bored. Whether you’re new to town or simply looking for something new to do, our resources will point you in the right direction.


Baltimore City offers more education options to families than any other county in the metro region. Explore the possibilities for your child.

Community Organizations

From neighborhood associations to community development corporations, parent groups to business development organizations, Baltimore City is home to a variety of community groups that can assist residents.

  • Community Development Corporations (or CDCs) work with residents to improve their communities in a variety of areas across Baltimore.
  • Neighborhood associations are organizations that assist residents in advocating for their needs based on their home address.
  • Social groups, such as those for parents and caregivers of young children, make meeting neighbors easy and fun!


Baltimore City residents can access information about crime and safety in their neighborhoods through a variety of sources.

  • The Baltimore City Police Department maintains a database of crime statistics on its website.
  • Neighborhoods associations often receive crime and safety updates from area Police commanders.
  • Our Neighborhood Ambassadors (found on individual neighborhood pages) are also available to answer your questions directly.

Ground Rent

Ground Rent is a condition in which you own your home, but someone else owns the land on which your home sits. Find out everything you need to know about this unique aspect of Baltimore’s housing market.

City Services

Baltimore City manages most services for residents. Exceptions include electricity, cable, and phone services.

Financial Incentives

A variety of financial incentives make living in Baltimore City more affordable.

  • Down payment and closing cost incentives can assist residents in purchasing homes.
  • Renovation incentive programs can help existing and new homeowners make improvements to their properties.
  • Tax incentives, including credits, can reduce homeowners monthly costs.
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