20 Questions with Deandra Lasan

Jan. 17, 2024

Get to know our newest Live Baltimore team members with a good, old-fashioned round of 20 Questions! This installment features Program Manager Deandra Lasan.

How long have you lived in Baltimore City?

I have lived in Baltimore City for about three years now.

Which neighborhood do you currently live in?

The Eager Park/Middle East neighborhood.

Are you a homeowner or a renter?

I am a new homeowner!

If you had to live in a different Baltimore neighborhood, which would you choose and why? (Pretend money is no object.)

I would live in Guildford. I absolutely love my charming row home, but it would be cool to live in a place like Guilford, which is known for its large, detached homes with a quaint feel. Besides, having Sherwood Gardens practically in my backyard would be lovely. I have a lot of great memories there, the best being my wedding proposal!

What’s the best thing to do in Baltimore City on a Saturday night…go!

I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, but I do appreciate a good meal. I think hitting up a local restaurant that I never tried before is always fun and satisfying.

What is still on your Baltimore “to-do” list?

Attending Artscape! Every time I have tried to attend, something comes up, but I’m hopeful that this is the year!

Who is your favorite Baltimore mascot: Mr. Boh, the oriole bird, Poe (the raven), or someone else?

The Oriole Bird

What one piece of advice would you give to someone moving to Baltimore from out of town?

Be open and form your own thoughts about the city. I think if you go based on what other people say, you may end up missing out on a lot of cool things. Be open, be friendly, and embrace all of the city—you’re going to love it!

What do you love the most about the city?

I love how affordable it is!

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

My preferred mode of transportation is a car. I enjoy driving, and it’s a great way to explore all over Baltimore.

What is your favorite feature of the city?

The 279 different neighborhoods in Baltimore. Each place is unique with its own charm and character; there’s so much to see.

Besides Live Baltimore, what other local nonprofits do you support?

I support Habitat for Humanity, Worldwide Water Cooperation, and local city churches.

What’s your favorite outdoor city activity?

I’m simple. I would say walking around my neighborhood or visiting a new one. I also love visiting the huge parks we have here and basking in the sun during the summer months.

What is your superpower?

I am always told that I have an easy way of making people feel seen, comfortable, and able to open up. I think that’s really cool; we all need a safe space.

Which Baltimore celebrity (past or present) would you most like to have dinner with?

Billie Holiday

What is your favorite locally-made product?

I absolutely love KSM Candle Co, where I purchase all-natural, hand-poured soy candles. I have also had a great time making my own scents in their classes.

What is one thing you want the world to know about Baltimore?

Baltimore is home to some of the friendliest and most helpful people you will ever meet! You just can’t find that everywhere.

What is one thing you’d still like to learn about Baltimore?

I would like to learn more about Baltimore’s history. I took a holiday lights trolley tour around the city and learned so many interesting facts about Baltimore that I never knew. I think knowing what we’ve accomplished and been through as a city would only increase my love for Baltimore.

What three words best describe your work personality?

Kind, calm, and encouraging.

What excites you most about joining the Live Baltimore team?

I am most excited to join a team that has a heart for this city and is doing meaningful and positive work in the community. Making an impact is important to me, and Live Baltimore positively impacts this city in so many powerful ways!

We’ve had fun introducing you to our new colleague! Look for more installments of this series in the future as our team continues to grow. You can read more about Eager Park/Middle East on our Neighborhoods page.