20 Things You Can Expect from Baltimore’s Birthday Bash 2023

Jul. 19, 2023

Live Baltimore’s 9th annual Baltimore’s Birthday Bash is on Friday, July 28, at the Rye Street Market in Baltimore Peninsula starting at 7 pm. Whether you’ve got your ticket or not, here are 20 things you won’t want to miss about this year’s party!

The Drinks

  1. Spiked lemon tea and a little orange crush.

The Sagamore Spirit team offers a selection of their craft cocktail lineup, including the Lemon Tea Fizz, the Orange Crush, and the Honey Paloma.

  1. Wine down time.

Wine lovers, choose from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Grenache-Syrah Red Blend.

  1. A craft brewer’s dream.

UNION Craft Brewing offers their Zadie’s, Duckpin, and Divine craft beers, in addition to Peabody Heights Brewery’s Mr. Trash Wheel’s Lost Python IPA and Astrodino Hazy Pale Ale.

  1. Hydration station.

Of course, soft drinks and water are available for our non-drinkers and designated drivers.

The Treats

  1. We all scream for ice cream!

Try custom scoops from Baltimore in a Box Ice Cream and vegan scoops from Cajou Creamery.

  1. Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cheesecake.

Enjoy birthday cake selections from Buns & Roses Chimney Cakes, Codetta Bake Shop, Hiatus Cheesecake, My Desserts Diva, Our Time Kitchen, Beye’s Beignets, and Sistah’s Sweets.

  1. More cookies than a cookie jar.

If you don’t like cake and ice cream, Natasha’s Just Brittle and Sweet Smith’s Bakery have you covered with freshly baked cookies.

  1. Edible Bark?

MFG Toffee Bark Co brings us English Walnut Toffee and Italian Cappuccino Toffee.

The Birthday Gift Shop

  1. Free shopping, thanks to our sponsors.

Win gift cards to Milk & Ice Vintage, Fells Point Surf Co., Pandora’s Box, Station North Tool Library, Niecy’s Fabulous Juice Bar, The Paper Herald, Atwater’s, Restore Hyper Wellness, R. House, Chateau MarMutt, Greedy Reads, and Mera Kitchen Collective.

  1. More tickets than Stubhub!

Take advantage of free memberships and ticket sets (in twos or fours) for all your favorite places like Port Discovery Children’s Museum, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Baltimore Museum of Industry, The Baltimore Orioles, The Charmery, The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Sagamore Spirits, and The National Aquarium.

  1. Take the bar home with you.

Enjoy a complimentary bottle of private single barrel bourbon from Blue Pit BBQ, a Bottle of single malt, aged Caribbean rum from Old Line Spirits, or a bottle of Sagamore Spirit Rye (and more) from Sagamore Spirits.

  1. Merch for days.

We’ve got custom Baltimore merch from your favorite creators like From Baltimore with Love, Su Casa Furniture, Fells Point Surf Co., Wight Tea Co., Tiny Dog Press, Found Studio, LLC, Atwater’s, The Baltimore Orioles, Hon’s Honey, Chateau MarMutt, and Sagamore Spirits.

  1. Staycation, anyone?

Win a night’s stay in a King Monument guestroom with complimentary valet parking from Hotel Revival or a night’s stay and poolside cabana from the Sagamore Pendry Hotel.

The Vibes

  1. True Baltimore Club energy.

Baltimore native, DJ Tanz, is coming through with all your favorite hits so you can Park Heights Strut all night long!

  1. The best views.

This year’s Birthday Bash is on the 5th floor of the new Rye Street Market in the heart of Baltimore Peninsula. The views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor from the balcony are immaculate.

  1. All your old friends

With nearly 1,000 people in attendance, you’re bound to run into an old pal…

  1. A bunch of new friends

…or make a few new ones!

  1. Baltimore City’s latest homebuyer, Mayor Brandon Scott, and your elected community officials.

Say hello to the mayor, delegates, council members, and more! We’re celebrating Baltimore’s birthday; why wouldn’t they be there?

  1. Paparazzi?!

Smile and get ready to be caught on camera! This event will be filmed and shared.

But wait, there’s more!

  1. Birthday surprises we can’t even discuss…

Not much to say here. You’d have to show up to find out! Get your tickets now, and don’t miss Baltimore’s biggest party!