Baltimore by the Numbers, February 2018

Feb. 26, 2018

By the Numbers

January Sales Set the Stage for Successful 2018

Welcome to our Baltimore by the Numbers monthly update. This feature offers unique insight into the Baltimore City housing marketgiving a hyperlocal take on what’s happening and paring down regional reports that include faraway suburbs nothing like the city market.

The Baltimore housing market jumped right into 2018 trending around the same pace as the previous year.

In the first month of the year, there were 609 total sales in Baltimore City, with 66 percent of those being standard, or sales excluding foreclosures and investment properties. Standard sales numbers indicate where buyers are likely to live in their purchased home, and in January, that was in 156 neighborhoods across the City.

The median price of a standard sale home in January came in at $177,556 compared to last year’s January price tag of $186,567.

“As we continue to see increased volume in our more affordable neighborhoods, the citywide price tag comes down overall,” said Annie Milli, Live Baltimore’s Executive Director. “But Canton, for example, saw a 6 percent increase in prices over last year on standard sales, while Ashburton saw an 18 percent increase.”

Neighborhoods of Note
We’re kicking off this year’s neighborhood analysis by looking at which neighborhoods had the highest number of sales in the first month of 2018. The mixture of neighborhoods is indicative of how affordable the City is right now. From our most expensive neighborhoods to the more affordable areas, all price-points are enjoying sales, a positive note for what’s in store for the rest of the year.

Top Neighborhood lists
By number of standard sales in January 2018

Belair-Edison: 15

Canton: 14

Pigtown: 11

Riverside: 10

Reservoir Hill: 7

Tuscany-Canterbury: 7

McElderry Park: 7

Highlandtown: 7

Frankford: 6

Sandtown-Winchester: 6

Ashburton: 6

Glenham-Belhar: 6

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