What Makes the Allendale Residents So Proud to Live There?

May. 15, 2024

The Live Baltimore team was honored to receive a walking tour of the Allendale neighborhood in Southwest Baltimore, led by the president of the Allendale Community Association and the proud residents who call it home. After walking through the tree-lined streets and meeting over a dozen neighbors, we could see why the residents of this small but strong neighborhood call it “The best neighborhood in Baltimore.”

The Neighbors

Our tour began at the home of Ms. Yvonne, who moved to the neighborhood after falling in love with it on her daily commute to and from Montgomery County. She knew from the minute she stepped foot on her stoop that she would purchase her current home and has been an active community member ever since. Her favorite part about her neighborhood is her helpful and friendly neighbors like Patricia Davis, who was the first person she met on the block and has been an integral part of keeping her garden healthy and thriving.

“This is the block gardener, and Laura is the trainer for dogs, so I’ve got all kinds of support! And so, I’m very happy to be here. It’s just home. It’s home.”

-Ms. Yvonne

The Programming

Thanks to neighborhood schools like the Mary E. Rodman Elementary School and Green Street Academy and recreation centers like the Hilton Rec Center and the Mary E. Rodman Rec Center, there are plenty of engagement opportunities for children in the community. According to Andre Fountain, the Director of External Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Baltimore, the Hilton Recreation Center is being transformed into the Baltimore Ravens Boys & Girls Club at Hilton Recreation Center. This renovation, in partnership with the Baltimore Ravens, Green Street Academy, LEVEL82, and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, plans to serve 1,000 children annually and will hopefully open in the 2025-2026 school year.

In addition to programming for the youth, Allendale also caters to its large senior community. The “seasoned” residents of the neighborhood (a nickname they playfully call themselves) meet every Tuesday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Mary E. Rodman Elementary School for different senior-focused activities, exercises, and field trips around Baltimore City.

The Community Support

The Allendale Community Association (ACA) and its president, Anita Cathcart, take great pride in supporting and advocating for its residents. One example of this includes their monthly food giveaways for residents. In partnership with the Maryland Food Bank and the University of Maryland Medical Center, the ACA goes out into the community every 4th Saturday of the month to service over 400 families who struggle with food insecurity.

“I am a 61-year resident here in Allendale. My parents bought the house where I currently live now in 1963. I was 10 months old. I’ve moved away and moved back, but I’m still here. So, I enjoy this community. I have been president for six years now in this wonderful community.”

-Anita Cathcart

In addition to this, the ACA also connects residents with helpful Baltimore City resources and coordinates with officers from the Baltimore Police Department Southwestern District to ensure that residents feel safe and to maintain a positive relationship between the community and law enforcement. BPD officers also recently hosted a bike giveaway for children in the neighborhood. Officer Monica Whitehead, who also joined us for our tour, stated, “We’re trying to build a bridge between the community and the citizens and have positive interactions.”

To the naked eye, Allendale may seem like just a small, quiet neighborhood offering large rowhomes at affordable prices. However, it is so much more to the residents who have lived there for decades. It is their history. It is their support system. But, most importantly, Allendale is home. Visit our Allendale neighborhood page to learn more about this community. See more photos from our tour here.