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Property tax credit

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Baltimore City property owners willing to rehabilitate properties for use by artists or artistic enterprise

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This program is designed to encourage the renovation of buildings for use by artists or arts and entertainment enterprises by lessening the financial burden on property owners. Baltimore City currently has four Arts and Entertainments (A&E) Districts: Station North, Highlandtown, Bromo Seltzer, and Pennsylvania Avenue. The program provides a 10-year property tax credit with the credit amount decreasing annually. The building must be wholly or partially renovated, and used by a qualified residing artist or A&E enterprise.


This program reduces your property taxes.


  • Qualifying renovations are those that are made to a manufacturing, commercial, or industrial building in the designated A&E district.
  • The tax credit must be applied for within 90 days of the receipt of the assessment notice reflecting eligibility.
  • The tax credit begins with the first reassessment after the completion of the qualifying improvements made to the property.
  • The tax credit cannot be applied to any property for which any other tax subsidy from the City is being received or had been applied for, other than the Maryland Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.
  • The tax credit is prorated to reflect the proportion of the building used by a qualifying residing artist or A&E enterprise.
  • The tax credit is transferable to a purchaser of the property for the remaining term of the credit, provided the property continues to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • The property owner must maintain the property in compliance with all City housing, building, health, fire, and other applicable City Code requirements and remain current on all payments due to the City.
  • The property must remain in use by a qualifying artist or A&E enterprise, providing annual certification.


Program Terms & Conditions


Baltimore City Department of Finance
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