Historic Restoration and Rehabilitation Property Tax Credit

At a Glance

Property tax credit

Who's Eligible?

Baltimore City homeowners who apply and make home renovations

To Get Started

Confirm eligibility and have your application approved before beginning renovations

The Historic Restoration and Rehabilitation Property Tax Credit encourages homeowners to make improvements to properties located in historic districts in Baltimore City. Before beginning any renovation homeowners must submit an application outlining the renovation plans and that application must be approved by the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation.


This program reduces your property taxes.


  • Your home must be located within a district designated as historic by Baltimore City, a National Register Historic district, or a Landmark District.
  • Improvements must be compatible with local historic preservation standards and have been approved the the Commission prior to work beginning.
  • The rehabilitation costs must exceed 25% of the pre-rehabilitation cash value of the property.
  • The tax credit applies to City real property taxes only and equals the difference between the City real property tax on the post-improvement full cash value and the City real property tax on the Base year full cash value.
  • The tax credit lasts for a period of 10 years, starting with the next assessment beginning after renovation is completed.
  • The tax credit can be transferred to subsequent owners within the 10 year period.


Baltimore City’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP)
(410) 396-4866

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