We Stand Together

At Live Baltimore, conversations about race, racism, housing discrimination, and the related impacts on Baltimore City neighborhoods occur regularly. Over the past two weeks, we have repeatedly turned to one another as we process our grief and outrage over the most recent, gruesome, and disturbing killings of Black Americans. As we continue to lose sleep over current events, we will not stand by, stay silent, or allow the status quo. 

Racism has devastated our city. It has led to abandonment and blight. It is the root cause of economic disparity. It has contributed to thousands of lost lives and lost futures. From restrictive covenants in the 1910s, redlining in the 1930s, blockbusting in the 1950s, “white flight” in the 1960s and 70s, and the ever-present vitriol that is directed toward Baltimore today, racism is inextricably tied to the 70 years of population loss that Live Baltimore works to counteract.

As the “I love city life” people, we are painfully aware of the toll that both overt and covert racism continue to take on Baltimore. A majority Black city, Baltimore faces discrimination much the same as its citizens. When we hear “Baltimore is dangerous,” “Baltimore is dirty,” “Baltimore should fall into the harbor,” and countless other hate-filled remarks, we know that ‘Baltimore’ is proxy for ‘Black people’ in the mouths of too many. This is, and always has been, cowardly and unacceptable.

To be clear: We love city life, not despite our neighborhoods’ demographics, but very specifically because of them.

Nearly 400,000 Black Baltimoreans make ours the Greatest City in America. Live Baltimore stands in solidarity with our neighbors calling for justice, calling for fair and equal treatment, and calling for an end to the racism and racist policies that pervade our society. The only future for this city, state, and nation is one of racial equity. We must each be relentless in our pursuit of this goal.

Tomorrow is in our hands. Together with those who share our values, we double our commitment to being a part of the solution in Baltimore.