Michelle Longus

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Michelle Longus
Real Estate Agent
Specializes in...
Buyers, First-Time Buyers, Military, New Construction, Sellers
Abell, Bellona-Gittings, Charles Village, Coldstream Homestead Montebello, Homeland

Samson Properties

As a Baltimore native, Maryland is where Michelle Longus’ roots lie. As a graduate of Sojourner-Douglass College with a degree in Criminal Justice and continued education at Harford Community College where she earned her accounting certificate displays her “get her done” mentality and her motivation of learning everything possible in her specialty. She has continued to do the same in her Real Estate and Tax businesses to be the BEST at the job. Michelle gained interest in Real Estate as an Enrolled Agent while helping her tax clients prepare for their home buying process during tax season. Michelle started her journey into these businesses to help individuals and small business owners stay in tax compliance with a mission to grow their businesses and wealth. To lead by means of educating on tax planning to limit limitations on moving toward financial growth. No more of not being able to purchase property because of tax matters. The ultimate mission of “Making Moves with Michelle” is to help people to capitalize on their Real Estate investments. To gain the best benefits of their investments by offering valuable services to make achieving the end goal of home ownership obtainable. Being an Enrolled Agent and a Real Estate Agent solidifies her dual agent status in her entrepreneurial journey.
With experience, passion, confidence, and continuing education, Michelle has combined her skill sets to offer her clients an array of valuable services. Hands on and professional, she finds joy and pride in being a Double Agent.