6 Reasons Why Lake Walker Could Be Your Perfect Neighborhood

Apr. 20, 2023

At Live Baltimore, we pride ourselves on being the Baltimore City Living Experts. To stay true to this title, we like to take the time to explore different parts of the city and learn from residents what it is like to live there. Our latest outing took our team on a walking tour of the quiet and close-knit Lake Walker neighborhood in North Baltimore. Here’s what we learned from our tour guides.

1. Unique Home Styles

One of the first things you’ll notice about this neighborhood is the variety of home types to choose from. Whether you’re into tudors, rowhomes, detached single-family units, or even apartment living, there’s a little something for every taste. Most notable, though, are the neighborhood’s charming signature A and B-style cottage homes.

2. Helpful, Friendly Neighbors

Your new neighbors in Lake Walker will be your biggest support system when acclimating to your new community. Residents like Edward Chupein, Lake Walker Community Association Board President, and his wife Stephanie Chupein, Lake Walker Welcoming Committee Chair, make it a point to try and welcome all new residents and provide pertinent community information. In addition to this, the neighborhood is peppered with artists, teachers, small business owners, skilled tradespeople, retirees, and young families who take pride in uplifting their community.

3. The Lake Walker Community Association

The Lake Walker neighborhood boasts a very active and organized community association that aims to unite neighbors and continue the betterment of the neighborhood. The Lake Walker Community Association includes four board members, eight committees, 31 block captains, and about 125 due-paying members. The association also produces and distributes quarterly newsletters to more than 700 residents in the area, informing them of upcoming events, Lake Walker history, and community resources.

4. Rich Traditions

The tight-knit residents of Lake Walker have created and shared several traditions throughout the years that have grown to become staple components of the neighborhood. Some of these traditions include The Annual Chili Cookoff, The Sidewalk Art Contest, Dumpster Day, and more. A well-known tradition, The Lake Walker Block Party, was once a small potluck formed by longtime resident Jim Pickett. Now, the event has grown into a full party and sees more than 250 residents in attendance! Another staple tradition, which began with Jim’s wife, Deb Pickett, is the Lake Walker Plant Exchange. Here, neighbors meet to exchange full-grown plants, seeds, and knowledge of non-invasive gardening practices.

“Well, when I first moved here, they had a crab feast… There wasn’t much circulation and getting to meet different people. So I decided to start a block party. The first thing I did was recruit people to help and have a committee… it was a real shoestring thing, but it got very popular… Anyway, now it’s a big deal, 250 people, renting tables and chairs and music and food.”

-Jim Pickett, LWCA Block Captain Chair

5. An Abundance of Green Space

In addition to the many gardening enthusiasts in the area, Lake Walker is home to lots of lush lawns and beautiful Sycamore trees. Although you won’t find a lake here, the neighborhood is named after the two streets which form its boundaries, Lake Ave and Walker Ave, residents. In addition, residents take pride in the small stream which runs within the neighborhood and have lovingly named it Walker Run.

6. Convenient Nearby Amenities

The Lake Walker neighborhood is close to Belvedere Square, York Road Plaza, and Anneslie Shopping Center, where many residents go for shopping and entertainment. Many Loyola University and Goucher College students and faculty call Lake Walker and surrounding neighborhoods home. The area is also home to one of only a handful of Buddhist temples in Baltimore City, Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland!

After our team experienced Lake Walker through the eyes of the residents who truly loved it, many of us were tempted to pack up and move! The beautiful homes, the lush lawns, and the hospitality and friendliness of the neighbors blew us away. Don’t just take our word for it; go out and see for yourself! Feel free to browse our neighborhoods page to learn more about Lake Walker and other neighborhoods like it.