7 Homeowners Who Found Houses to Love in Baltimore

Jan. 5, 2018

Trolley Tour

Buying Into Baltimore events have had a long history of helping potential homebuyers with the process of finding a new house. This January, Live Baltimore is hosting a brand new Trolley Tour and exploring more than 10 City neighborhoods!

Hear from seven of our past Buying Into Baltimore incentive recipients below and find out what they learned from the experience.

As a nurse at University Maryland Medical Center, I thought I’d move near Locust Point or Riverside. Then I saw a house in Pigtown and said ‘wow that’s definitely the one.’ Now I can walk to work! —Jeffrey S., Bought in Pigtown


If you’re thinking about buying a house, go check one of the tours out, especially if one is coming up in a neighborhood that you’re interested in. Doing the Live Baltimore tour of Waverly got me interested in other parts of the city that I didn’t know about. It can help familiarize you with neighborhoods around the area where you might end up buying a home. —Riley W., Bought in Hampden


Very happy to have just closed on our new home in Baltimore City! Thank you Live Baltimore for the $5,000 incentive!” —Omari J., Bought in Greektown


The Trolley Tour opened my eyes and gave me information that I never knew. After the tour, we went back to the open houses and met different real estate agents. With the help of Live Baltimore, my wife and I purchased a nice home. Thank you Live Baltimore! —Kevin S., Bought in Panway/Braddish Avenue


Live Baltimore gave me the lay of the land. It kept me from being narrow-minded. I realized that many people cared about their communities. That’s an important quality to know when moving to a new place. —Dave S., Bought in Remington



I liked the Trolley Tour and the workshops. Everything you need was right there, like a one-stop shop. Live Baltimore has impeccable resources and will use what makes your community special to help build your community with new residents. —Delphine B., Bought in Belair-Edison


The thing I love most about Baltimore is the people. They’ve been very welcoming and hospitable. They feel like family. We’ve been living in Baltimore almost a total of three years and in a matter of six months time, we had friendships that are truly welcoming.” —Dominique S., Bought in Woodberry.


Learn more about our Trolley Tour and get your tickets here.