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Families With Children

Families thrive in Baltimore!

The rumors simply aren’t true. Having kids doesn’t mean having to move out of the city! Thousands of families have discovered the “Way to Stay” in Baltimore and you can too. Retain your identity as a city-dweller AND pass on the love of city life to your children. Would you like helpful kid-friendly resources and information delivered to your inbox? Sign up for our monthly  I ❤️ City Life with Kids Newsletter.

When we were searching for a home, there was something about Charles Village that was really captivating. People are always out. Kids are always out. It’s just a great place to raise a family! – Laura Scott, Abell Resident

My family needs school options!

Choosing a school from the many options in Baltimore can be tough! Explore our school resources and get started by downloading our School Guide to help you on your journey.

Public Zoned Schools

Trend alert! Media in the 1980s, 90s, and even early 2000s told the story of a failing urban education system. What hasn’t been reported? Ever-increasing numbers of families are flocking back to high-quality, zoned, neighborhood schools in Baltimore City and across the country.

Public Charter Schools

Baltimore City boasts one of the largest and most successful charter school networks in the country. Interested in a specific educational philosophy or program offering? The charter system may be right for you.

Private & Independent Schools

Families interested in private education have no shortage of opportunities in Baltimore. From parochial to secular, single-sex to mixed-gender, rich-in-history to newly founded, the city’s independent schools offer a wide variety of options.

Find a New Home

Baltimore may be known for its rowhouses, but growing families have countless options for large, freestanding homes within the city limits. From Ten Hills and Hunting Ridge in the Southwest; Ashburton and Howard Park in the Northwest; Roland Park, Homeland, Cedarcroft, and Lake Walker in the North; and Lauraville, Arcadia, Beverly Hills, and Hamilton in the Northeast (just to name a few) there’s no shortage of family-friendly neighborhoods to choose from.

Renovate Your Existing Home

Would a few extra square feet or a finished basement give you just enough room to grow? Many programs, including those from Healthy Neighborhoods, provide low-cost options for upgrading and improving the home your family loves.

My family needs to connect with other families!

Family Organizations

Baltimore families stick together! No matter where you live in the city, it’s easy to get involved and connected with other parents, thanks to groups like Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance, Village Parents, Hamilton-Lauraville Sprouts, and others!

Family Resource Links

Seeking indoor fun on a rainy day? Need a class for your budding ballerina or emerging equestrian? Baltimore City is rich with family resources, from reading groups to extracurricular activities.

Meet Your Neighbors with Kids

Need more advice about schools or other resources?

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