Enhancing Communities: Exploring the North East Housing Initiative (NEHI)

Jun. 28, 2023

The North East Housing Initiative (NEHI) is a nonprofit community organization that provides permanently affordable shared equity housing in North East Baltimore City. Through its many services, including community land trust management, NEHI has made a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors in the North East since 2014.

What is a community land trust, you ask?

A community land trust, or CLT, is a unique model of shared ownership where a nonprofit organization acquires and holds land in trust for the benefit of the community. This allows Individual residents or organizations to purchase homes or buildings on the land at a lower cost, ensuring long-term affordability, community stewardship, and equitable access to housing.

Here are a few of the ways Baltimore City residents benefit from the North East Housing Initiative and a CLT:

  1. Permanent Affordable Housing

A primary focus of the North East Housing Initiative is to address the need for permanently affordable housing in Baltimore City. Unlike traditional rental housing, where residents may face the risk of eviction or displacement due to rising rents or changing ownership, CLTs offer a sense of permanence and stability by making homeownership more attainable in underserved communities.

  1. Financial Counseling and Homebuyer Education

Recognizing the importance of financial literacy and stability, NEHI provides comprehensive financial counseling and homebuyer education programs. These initiatives aim to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

  1. Wealth Building

NEHI’s community land trust model incorporates mechanisms to foster and support resident wealth building. For instance, when a resident decides to sell their home, the CLT’s resale formula ensures the home remains affordable for future buyers, helping residents build equity and accumulate wealth over time.

  1. Community Development

NEHI understands that vibrant communities are built on a foundation of strong, engaged residents. By organizing events and volunteer opportunities, NEHI encourages community members to unite, share resources, and build lasting relationships.

  1. Stewardship and Sustainability

Another important service offered by NEHI is its stewardship program. This program assists homeowners by helping them transition from renting to homeownership and providing resources and technical expertise to address home maintenance issues.

The North East Housing Initiative exemplifies how a dedicated organization can offer an innovative approach to affordable housing and community development. Through its comprehensive approach, NEHI addresses immediate housing needs and fosters long-term sustainability and community empowerment. To learn more about NEHI’s community development programs and services, visit their website!