Admission and Amusement Tax Exemption

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Admission and Amusement Tax exemption
Who's Eligible?
Baltimore City residents who meet program requirements
To Get Started:
Visit Baltimore City's Department of Finance online tax credit application system

The Admission and Amusement Tax Exemption is designed to encourage artist activity in designated Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Districts. Baltimore City currently has four Arts and Entertainments (A&E) Districts: Station North, Highlandtown, Bromo Seltzer, and Pennsylvania Avenue. The 100% tax exemption relates to the admission and amusement tax on any gross receipts levied by a qualified residing artist or A&E enterprise. The exemption is for a period of 10 years from the date of registration with the Department of Finance.


This program provides a tax exemption of the admission and amusement tax for qualified applicants.


  • You must be a Baltimore City resident artist or A&E enterprise living and operating in one of the four designated A&E districts.
  • You must have a business that is subject to the admission and amusement tax.


Program Application with Terms & Conditions


Baltimore City Department of Finance
(410) 396-3971

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