High-Performance Newly Constructed Dwellings Property Tax Credit

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Property tax credit

Who's Eligible?

Baltimore City homeowners purchasing newly constructed homes meeting the program requirements

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Visit Baltimore City’s Department of Finance online tax credit application system

The High-Performance Newly Constructed Dwellings Property Tax Credit encourages the construction and purchase of new homes in Baltimore City. The program provides a 5-year property tax credit with the credit amount decreasing annually.


This program reduces your property taxes.


  • You must live in this home as your primary residence.
  • The tax credit does not transfer between property owners.
  • The tax credit is 50% in the first taxable year and decreases by 10 percentage points thereafter for 5 years.
  • The property must not have been previously occupied by an owner or tenant since its new construction or substantial rehabilitation.
  • If the property was a substantial rehabilitation it must have been cited as abandoned of vacant for at least one year or have been owned by the City for at least one year.
  • The property can not contain more than 4 dwelling units.
  • You must apply for the tax credit within 90 days of settling on the purchase of the property.
  • High-Performance buildings are defined by meeting green building guidelines or standards approved by the State.


Program Terms & Conditions 

Baltimore City Department of Finance

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