Choosing The Charm City Neighborhood That’s Right For You

Jun. 7, 2024
By: Rebecca Hall

Fun Fact: Baltimore City has 279 neighborhoods…that’s 100 more than Chicago! Where you live is just as important as the home you select. When you’re choosing a neighborhood, it’s important to make sure that it’s in sync with your lifestyle.



Baltimore varies dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even one or two blocks can have a different feel, housing options, and architecture. Looking for an artsy or historic neighborhood? Something more kid-friendly or close-knit? There’s a neighborhood for everyone in this 81-square-mile city, and Live Baltimore’s Neighborhood Guide will help you find your vibe.

TIP: Check out neighborhoods at different times of the day to see how noise, traffic, and activity change.


In addition to a home wish list, make a list for your ideal neighborhood. What does your daily routine look like? What amenities would you like nearby?

TIP: A few items to consider: commuting options, sidewalks, walking paths, street lighting, stores, gym, dog parks, bike trails, access to nightlife, greenspace, rec centers, schools, places of worship, and proximity to family and friends.


How important are a neighborhood’s walk, bike, and transit scores? All neighborhood pages on the Live Baltimore website include these scores and approximate commute times to nearby transit options. Let’s not forget about your vehicle(s). Do you need a designated parking spot, or will street parking suffice?

TIP: Check your commute time with the “arrive by” feature in Google Maps to factor in rush hour transit.


The “typical Baltimore rowhome” can be found at various price points, depending on the location. Consider looking at adjacent neighborhoods if one of your favorite choices is over your budget. Or if the location matters more than the property, review your home wish list to see if there’s something you can compromise on to be in a particular neighborhood.

TIP: Research neighborhood-specific programs such as Healthy Neighborhoods and Buy Back the Block. If you work for a Baltimore City employer, see if they participate in the Live Near Your Work incentive program. Check out all the homeownership incentive programs to possibly get money to assist with your down payment and closing costs.


Baltimore City is full of family-friendly neighborhoods, and the search could feel overwhelming. Live Baltimore has designated a few communities as Five Star Family Neighborhoods based on feedback and criteria from city families.

TIP: If neighborhood schools are important, remember that Great Schools ratings are not always the best judge of a school or accurate. Reach out to the school and ask for a tour! Parents, students, and faculty can give you the most up-to-date facts.


The best source of information about a neighborhood is often the neighbors themselves. When I was house hunting, I stopped someone walking their dog to ask about parking. A half-hour neighborhood stroll or drive should give you a good feel for an area.

TIP: Community association meetings are a great way to meet neighbors and learn about the area’s future development. Neighborhood Facebook groups and apps such as Nextdoor can give insights into community events, concerns, and the general vibe.

The *best* way to get to know a neighborhood is to explore it firsthand, and the right neighborhood is the one that feels right to you!


Rebecca Hall is a Live Baltimore Partner Agent with Cummings & Co Realtors. As a long-time Baltimore City resident, you can find her volunteering at the next Trolley Tour or attending one of our “Pros in the Know” events. Connect with Rebecca here.